Thursday, August 7, 2008

weird facts: Homeowners use sign to declare neighborhood 'No Ho Zone'

weird facts
FLINT, Michigan -- Fed up with prostitution, one Flint couple posted a sign declaring their neighborhood a "No Ho Zone."

Sherrie Lynn and Russ Palmer posted the mantra on a sign outside their home at corner of Court and Hazelton streets after watching drug dealers and prostitutes doing business on the street and finding hypodermic needles and condoms left in their yard.

"We don't want it here," said Sherrie Lynn Palmer, 48. "There's a lot of really good people around here. I don't want to sit here and let the crime fester."

She said she's been walking her dogs down the road, when vehicles would beep at her, mistaking her for a prostitute.

"It all starts with the prostitutes. It brings everything else," she said.

Sherrie Lynn Palmer, a budding artist, made the sign featuring drawings of eyes watching the street and a dog chasing a prostitute. Russ Palmer, 57, got the idea for the sign after seeing a report on the ozone level.

She now is working on newsign to replace the current one.

The couple has lived in the house for four years. When they first moved in, they opened an antique shop, but the business on the street deterred their customers and they closed the business after having some health problems.

Sherrie Lynn Palmer said the criminals and prostitutes don't live in the area anymore, but they still choose to do their business there and at times throughout the day, she said.

"It would be a relief if it was only at night," she said.

However, there are hopes of cleaning up the streets and the neighborhood.

Since the sign went up in May, there has been less activity on the streets, the Palmers said.

"The area's coming up to what we want. We're just waiting it out," she said. "I think it's a sign of hope."

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