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Duo tries to break world handshaking record | Weird Facts

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Kevin Whittaker and Cory Jens deserved congratulations after attempting to set a new world record, but they probably didn't want any handshakes.

That's because the pair shook hands with one another Monday for 9 1/2 hours, trying to beat a handshaking record of about nine hours set by two Germans.

The Guinness Book of World Records still must confirm the feat, one that Whittaker, 31, and Jens, 30, felt pretty confident they had achieved.

"I looked up what some of the weakest records were," Whittaker said. "I'm not going to break the 100-meter dash record, but I thought I could break this record."

The rules from Guinness appeared easy enough: Handshakers are not required to look each other in the eye or exchange pleasantries; they simply must grip palms and continuously move their hands up and down.

The historic day began at 2:07 p.m. outside the city's Ferry Building, where the duo endured the discomfort of sweaty palms, arm cramps and, of course, bathroom breaks. By nightfall, the two decided to continue their quest for greatness at a hotel bar, where they found warmth, comfortable seats and alcoholic beverages.

The effort culminated at 11:38 p.m. with a bottle of bubbly - and some much-needed space.

"It's not that fun, believe me," Whittaker said. "I'm a little tired. My shoulder is tired. In fact, it's extremely painful."

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How to Choose the Right Bank As a Teenager

As a teenager there are several factors to consider when choosing a bank. Saving money is an important skill to learn early in life; it provides you with a sense of purpose, an ability to interact with the commercial side of life and an opportunity to develop self-discipline about saving and spending money. Choosing the right bank when you are a teenager should be about complementing your needs and meeting your needs with the least amount of hassle, red tape and loss of funds through fees.

My personal choise: Savings Account
1. Consider the purpose for your account. The purpose for an account will impact on they type of account that you are looking for and it will also influence your decision whether to use a bank for short-term savings or for longer term investments. Consider such questions as:
* Do you have a summer/after school job that you need a bank account for?
* Do you want a checking account, or a savings account?
* Do you want to save your money, or just keep it safe until you spend it?

2. Do your homework. Check out the banks in your area, and research which ones offer better packages for an account. One bank might give you a check account complete with a check book; yet another might give you a special credit line. The important things to look for include:
* What are your spending and saving needs? Does the bank match these?
* Are the options offered by the bank likely to encourage saving or discourage it?

3. What are the bank's fees? These can sometimes be an awful surprise - know in
advance and match the fees to your likely use of the bank. Most banks will start charging the more you use the bank - ATM fees, check fees, teller fees etc.
* Does the bank offer a youth or student package that is relevant to you? Often such packages come with better fee deals and sometimes good interest.
* What are the interest rates?
* Is there a possibility of a combined account structure? For example, one such structure could be some savings, some spending but both contributing to interest building.

4. Make comparisons. You have done the homework. Now do the comparing and ask such things as:
* Which bank has the best fees for what you are seeking?
* Which bank has the package that you are seeking?
* Which bank has special deals for young people? Compare them.

5. Think about location. Location is very important. Some banks are very localized and it may be difficult to find branches or shared branch locations elsewhere in your country or even overseas. This is where you might think of having online Savings Account If you are about to graduate from high-school, you may be studying somewhere else than your local region, so keep this in mind when choosing a bank.

Online Savings benefits & features:
# Free Online Banking (required)
# Free Electronic statements (required)
# If you maintain a minimum balance of $ each day of the monthly statement cycle you can even avoid the monthly service charge amount of $

6. Find a credit union. Credit unions are financial institutions that compete with banks, except that they are non profit. Credit unions don't have stockholders to pay, and therefore often give better interest rates with lower fees.

8. Ask your parents. Have a parent help you look at and compare different banks, as well as helping you to select the most suitable one. As a teenager, unless you are 18, you may not be able to open an account without a parent's name or permission, depending on your country's rules. Whatever the rules, it is always a wise solution to seek your parent's cooperation - many a parent will be more than happy to help add savings to your account when you demonstrate the initiative and self-responsibility to open a bank account.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You Could Be Put In Jail If You Walk Away On Your Mortgage | Weird Facts

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weird facts - Despite objections from consumer advocates, in the last two weeks California judge Jed Clampbet has sent 142 delinquent homeowners to state prison for up to three years each, for failing to honor their home mortgage obligations.

Most of the former homeowners were shocked to find they could be suddenly locked up for employing the common “walkaway” strategy, where homedebtors whose no-money-down adjustable-rate teaser mortgages are about to reset to full actual interest rates simply stop making payments but continue living in their homes rent-free for up to eight months before being evicted, then try to skip town leaving the bank holding the bag.

Under the anti-fraud provisions of the 1969 California Real Estate Loan Statute, section 7, chapter 13, such behavior is indeed criminal and can be prosecuted. Until recently the law had not been actively enforced, but due to the tidal wave of foreclosures the district attorney is now cracking down hard on mortgage scofflaws.

Banks generally applaud the stepped-up enforcement. “These folks thought they could just scam the system and get away with it,” admonished mortgage industry spokesman Snidely Wachovia. “Now they’re finally getting what they deserve.”

Consumer rights groups are organizing protests across the state, trying to stop or at least slow down the impending prosecution of an estimated 20,000 additional delinquent homeowners. “These people are completely unaware of what is about to happen to them,” claimed Shirley Yewghest of the California Delinquent Homeowners Protection Association. “Yes, they did receive foreclosure warning letters in the mail, but very few actually read the fine print. They hear people telling stories of walking away without getting caught, and they think they can get away with it too. By the time they realize that they are in fact criminals, it’s too late, and they find themselves behind bars.”

All the news is not negative, however. Apparently spring is in the air in the California state prison system, bringing along with it dozens of whirlwind romances between newly-jailed former homeowners and long-time inmates. And thanks to the new ruling legalizing same-sex marriages in California, wedding bells have been ringing non-stop.

Lifetime inmate Bubba “Whoppa” Johnson found new love with Cornwell Sooie, a San Diego real estate investor caught up in the recent sting operation targeting delinquent homeowners. Back in 2006 Mr. Sooie was sitting atop a mini real estate empire worth nearly $8 million on paper. When the housing bubble collapsed, he lost it all.

Those fast-paced days of real estate deal-making are butt a distant memory now, as Mr. Sooie settles in to his new married life in prison. While nuptial bliss is no substitute for the thrill of easy real-estate riches, at least it will keep him busy for the next three years.

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