Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weird Facts: Look out iPhone, it’s the Google Phone!

What’s better than a $399.00 iPhone?
How about a FREE Google Phone?
Ain't that weird facts ?

Imagine having a phone that didn’t cost you a dime and allowed you to not only talk, but search, email and browse the web… Sound too good to be true? Google has developed a prototype cell phone that will offer consumers free usage in exchange for viewing advertisements with its search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications.

How can Google offer up free phones?
Advertising of course!

It’s a mobile search device that will allow people to “google” anything from anywhere, so for such a drastic increase in traffic, why wouldn’t Google give the device away for free. It is Google’s tried and true business model after all.

  • But how will it compete against the iPhone?

This is a tough one. In order to compete with Apple, it has to have a stylish design, flawless and intuitive user interface, touch screen, camera, mp3 player… all the bells and whistles that you get for $399 and a $60/month service contract.

Then again, maybe if it is free, there won’t be any competition. I know that I would click a few links to be able to access the web for free from anywhere at any time. Wouldn’t you?

Share your opinion and have a chance to be the first who gets this thing !

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Know More Media Announces the Five Millionth Visitor to its Weird Facts Blog Network

Online business publisher Know More Media announces the five millionth visitor this week to its niche business blog network.

Orange County, CA (PRWEB) February 22, 2007 -- Know More Media, an online publisher of business information and news, and one of the world's leading business blog networks, has announced that it welcomed its five millionth visitor to its network of niche business blogs on Feb 19, 2007.

After launching its network in December 2005 and publishing its 38,000th article, or 'blog post,' by the end of January 2007, Know More Media has reached the five million-visitor mark only three months after welcoming its two millionth visitor to its network.


"Reaching another traffic milestone so quickly is very rewarding to us," said Hal Halladay, CEO of Know More Media. "Since our launch, our network has experienced steady and robust traffic growth. We have added an average of five new blogs to the network each month over the past year, each blog tightly focused on a business-related topic or industry. We hope to continue attracting new readers while we work hard at keeping all readers actively engaged by providing them helpful and relevant business news, analysis, and advice."

Know More Media's fifty authors write more than sixty business blogs that offer business news and information. The authors are practicing authorities who are experts in their respective business fields and industries. The majority of Know More Media's bloggers live in the USA, but about 20% of them live overseas, in countries such as Germany, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.

"We're very pleased with this type of progress in our traffic, as it is indicative of the quality of writing our authors provide on the blogs," said Dan Smith, VP of Publishing for Know More Media. "Our authors strive to supply business content that is interesting and valuable to our readers. This content is published online in the blog format in order to encourage participation from readers, who can freely leave comments on the blogs and thus interact with the authors--an excellent opportunity for readers to communicate directly with topical business experts."

About Know More Media
Know More Media ( is a rapidly growing online publisher of business information and news, and is headquartered in Orange County, CA, with an office in Utah. Led by a team of seasoned business executives with many years of online publishing and business management experience, Know More Media is a revolutionary departure from traditional business publishing. The Company contracts with expert writers from across the globe to supply valuable business-related blog content to the online world. Its authors are typically practicing authorities in their fields, who provide their business advice and knowledge to business readers through a blog. Readers are encouraged to participate through comments and continuous feedback, thereby not only learning, but sharing their valued experience to an ever-expanding community of business expertise.

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Weird Facts: Cambridge Man Steals 123 Parking Meters

Weird facts fromA Cambridge man was arrested and charged with stealing 123 parking meters from city streets.Thomas Gannon, 37, was arraigned in Cambridge District Court on Tuesday, WCVB-TV in Boston reported.

Prosecutors said Gannon cut the tops off of the meters, leaving the posts behind."Over the past year, the city of Cambridge has suffered losses of approximately $100,000 due to the theft of parking meters," prosecutor Kate Cimini said.

Police said they think Gannon might have stolen meters from other cities."The meters were damaged and the internal plastic coin cylinders were missing from most of them," Cimini said.Prosecutors said Gannon has a lengthy police record, including nine convictions and five defaults.Police found the parking meters in Gannon's home when they went to serve a warrant on him out of Malden, the television station reported.

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Ready to Explore the World? Then, Where on Earth are You?

Sydney builder creates a clickable map of the world to provide an enjoyable way to discover interesting websites from every place on earth.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) July 2, 2006 -- A Sydney builder has created a website to provide an enjoyable way to search and discover the world. The site, “Where on Earth R U?” will fill a map of the world with interesting websites from every place on earth.

The idea began in January 2006 when Sydney project manager, Ed Jacka had a bit of time to browse the Internet. With nothing specific to search, he wanted to read the Internet like a magazine, pick it up, flick through and browse interesting websites to learn something new about the world.

Ed realized there was just one problem, “the Internet has 85 million websites. Keyword searching is too “hit and miss” to be enjoyable for a casual magazine-style read. I developed “Where on earth R U” to collect all the interesting websites and display them on their piece of the world map.”

This is the website you will want on the coffee table, to pick-up and enter straight into fascinating insights of the world: an indigenous tribe in the jungle of Indonesia, a travel diary through Nepalese villages, heli-ski adventures in Alaska, cattle stations in outback Australia and amazing resorts in places you didn’t even know existed.

While it will mainly appeal to travel and tourism, it will also capture other perspectives of what makes up our world, be it business, personal or pleasure. Anyone with a website can apply to “own their piece of earth,” however, sites must meet the selection criteria.

As momentum builds, this clickable atlas will fast become a unique gateway to explore the world’s interesting websites.

“Where on Earth R U?” can be found on the World Wide Web at

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weird Facts: Here Is Why Writing A Hundred Thousand Dollar Check To Your Girlfiend Is A Bad, Bad Idea

September 30, 2007 weird facts -- A hard-partying Wall Street trader and his ex-girlfriend are in court over an allegedly broken $100,000 promise to keep on the straight and narrow.

In recently filed court papers, Elisa Kwon accuses her former beau Greg Calvino, 45, of reneg ing on a pledge he had made to not "use drugs, stay out late, frequent strippers or prosti tutes." The 30-something Kwon insists Calvino had vowed that if he ever did any of those things again, she could cash a $100,000 check he had made out to her.

After Calvino's allegedly debauched boys' night out at a strip club in March 2005, that's just what Kwon did.

But a fuming Calvino filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court in late July to get his money back - plus interest, legal fees and damages - claiming the whole thing is an extortion attempt.

Calvino claims Kwon had threatened to go to his bosses at RBC Capital Markets, where he was a stock trader at the time of the intemperate night out, and make up tales of drug use "with strippers and whores." He claims he wrote the $100,000 check to protect his career and reputation, and that she cashed it for no apparent reason.

But Kwon, in a motion to dismiss filed on Sept. 20, said Calvino's drug use and wild ways with women entitled her to the money. She said she cashed the check in November 2005, after he went out with fellow RBC traders to ogle the girls at Flashdancers and do cocaine that March.

What's more, he failed a store-bought drug test of his urine, she claims.

In an affidavit, Kwon attached what she claims is the text of a long instant-message conversation she had with Calvino in which he appears to cop to doing drugs and visiting strip clubs and tells her to keep the cash.

After initially writing that he was "sorry I was irresponsible last night - but I didn't do the bad stuff," and that he was not "stupid enough to jeopardize our future," Calvino explains he was only "drunk/bombed [on] Jack [Daniels]," according to the text transcript.

Kwon reminds him of the "$25 Rite-Aid" test - "it's POSITIVE."

Calvino then appears to blame one of his trading buddies: "He put it in my face."

Later in the instant-message exchange, Calvino confesses to going to Flashdancers after a charity event with four colleagues, the text shows

An RBC spokesman did not immediately comment.

An apparently contrite Calvino later writes to Kwon, "A promise is a promise," according to the text.

He also allegedly writes, "I didn't hold up my end of the bargain," and "If you want to keep my money it's yours to start anew."

Calvino, who has since moved to Thomas Weisel Partners, did not reply to calls or e-mail requesting comment. His lawyer also didn't return calls.

Kwon did not reply to an e-mail seeking comment. Her lawyer, Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma, declined to comment.

Calvino and Kwon, who dated for two years, broke up in April 2006.

[Via - NYPost]


Monday, October 1, 2007

41 Money Weird Facts That Will Blow You Away

Do you think you know a lot weird facts about money? Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. But let's see if any of the following facts are in any way surprising to you:

  1. More of our fantasies are about money... than sex.
  2. If we could have any luxury in the world (and money didn't matter) more of us would choose to spend money on a butler and a maid than anything else.
  3. 90% of Americans who own pets buy them Christmas gifts.
  4. Money is the leading cause of disagreements in marriages.
  5. 65% of Americans would live on a deserted island all by themselves for an entire year for $1,000,000.
  6. For $10,000,000 most of us would do almost ANYTHING! Including abandoning our family and friends and our church. A very high percentage of us would, for that same amount of money, change our race or sex. And, 1 in every 14, would even murder someone for ten million bucks.
    What's really strange about this is, the statistics remain the same whether it's ten million dollars all the way down to three million. For three million bucks, most of us would do the same horrible things we would do for ten million. But, guess what? Few of us would do these things for a "measly" two million.
  7. 92% of us would rather be rich than find the love of our lives.
  8. Here's a weighty one: Money (or the lack thereof) is the biggest stress inducer in the lives of Americans. We worry more about money than our marriages, our health, or even who's going to win the Superbowl Game or come out on top in the latest Survivor TV show.
  9. If you get your money out of a Hitachi ATM machine in Japan, it will be laundered. The way they do it is, they briefly press the bills between rollers at high enough temperatures to kill most bacteria.
  10. Women have very fixed ideas on how much they are willing to spend on a bra. 38.3% of women won't spend $30 for a bra. 28.4% won't spend $50. 10% would pay as much as $75. And, only 3.5% would shell out $100. But, you know what? Almost 20% of women say they would pay almost anything for a bra. This is because they consider (and I guess so do a few men) that the contents of what those bras are encasing is of extremely high-value.
  11. Nearly half of the people who sell their houses with furniture included will take all the light bulbs out of all the lamps when they vacate the premises.
  12. Most people won't bend over to pick up money lying on the sidewalk unless it's at least a dollar.
  13. Most Americans think pennies are a pain in the ass and the U.S. Mint should stop making them.
  14. There is about 405 billion dollars in circulation. Only 32 million of that amount is counterfeit. That means, the percentage of counterfeit money in America is .0079%. And, $20 bills are more often counterfeited than $100 bills.
  15. Do people care if their bills are crisp? Indeed, they do. Fresh, crisp, clean bills are considered much more valuable than those which are old, wrinkled and dirty.

    I once sent a 'dollar bill thank you' letter to a guy who sent a sincere letter back to me bitching the free $1 bill I sent him was wrinkled instead of crisp as I had described in the letter.
  16. Let's flip a coin and try to guess whether it will come up heads or tails. Three times as many people guess 'heads' than 'tails'.
  17. Here's one I personally think really sucks: One out of every four Americans believe their best chance of getting rich is by playing the lottery.
  18. How about this one for a shocking fact: 5% of lottery ticket buyers buy 51% of all tickets sold. (Trust me, none of these people belong to the "Einsteins of America Society".)
  19. A staggering 74% of us are influenced by how much we can win in a lottery as opposed to the odds of us winning.
  20. That's a good thing for the Government because the odds of winning a lottery jackpot are about 10 million to 1.
  21. A person who drives 10 miles to buy a lottery ticket is 3 times more likely to be killed in a car accident while driving to buy the ticket... than... he is to win the jackpot.
  22. Sunday newspaper coupon inserts are the second-most read section of the paper, after the front page.
  23. Few people know it but, you can buy single-disease insurance.
  24. Only 6% of people in America regularly buy clothes tailor made just for them.
  25. Here's one that's really important: 63% of us decide NOT to buy a product advertised on the Internet... because... we think the shipping and handling charges add too much to the order.
  26. Eight times as many Americans would rather use an ATM than deal with a real live teller.
  27. This one's going to blow your mind: 83% of Americans still pay with checks instead of credit cards!
  28. Almost 30% of us say we would need 3 million smackaroos to feel rich. This ties in with the fact most of us would do anything for as little as $3 million... but... not nearly as many of us would do those identical things for a measly $2 million. (Hey, here's your chance to take advantage of that situation. If you only want to pay $2 million to have something done, ask me if I'll do it. The chances are, believe it or not, I WILL DO IT.)
  29. Here's another fact which is really, really important: 80% of Americans say giving personal information (especially their credit card information) over the Internet scares the living shit out of them.
  30. Two-thirds of Americans say they wouldn't let their spouse spend the night and have sex with another person for a million dollars. Many of these people are liars. There's a big difference being asked if they would do it for a million dollars... as opposed to... handing them a paper sack containing the million fungolas and simply saying, "Here, you can have this if you'll let me sleep with your sweetie tonight."
  31. The average wedding in America costs a staggering $20,000.00.
  32. More than one-third of American women consider money more important than good sex to the success of a marriage.
  33. According to Employee Benefits Research Institute 96% of all people who have jobs right now won't be eligible for their full Social Security benefits when they reach age 65.
  34. When it comes to houses, more than anything else, people want a state-of-the-art kitchen.
  35. When people shop for a car, what they want more than anything else is reliability for the best possible price.
  36. One of the best ways to raise money for a charity is to have a free dinner for a lot of people and have an empty envelope tucked under their plate... for the express purpose... of making whatever size donation they want.
  37. People tip more on sunny days than they do on dreary days.
  38. More than 80,000,000 people call the I.R.S. Information Hotline phone number every year. One-third of those calls go unanswered. And, according to the Treasury Department itself, 47% of the answers the 'get-through' callers receive are incorrect.
  39. Almost two out of three people have modified their financial behavior because of their fears.
  40. Almost three times as many people who live in the South worry about losing their jobs as compared to people who live in the Midwest.
  41. Which would you rather do: Shop till you drop... or... have great sex?

    For men, this is a no-brainer.

    However, more women would actually rather have an unlimited shopping spree than spend a weekend with a fabulous lover. In fact, the #1 favorite fantasy of women is to have a blank check to shop at their favorite store.

    The favorite fantasy of men (at least in my opinion) is what we would like to DO to the sales girl... rather than... what we would like to buy from her.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weird Facts: World's Most Expensive Dessert ($14,500)

Weird Facts from COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - This dessert may be a little too rich for you, but you're probably not rich enough for it. A Sri Lankan resort is charging $14,500 for what it calls the world's most expensive dessert, a fruit infused confection complete with a chocolate sculpture and a gigantic gemstone.

The Fortress resort in the coastal city of Galle a one-of-a-kind experience, said the hotel's public relations manager, Shalini Perera.

The dessert is a gold leaf Italian cassata flavored with Irish cream, served with a mango and pomegranate compote and a champagne sabayon enlighten. The dessert is decorated with a chocolate carving of a fisherman clinging to a stilt, an age old local fishing practice, and an 80 carat aquamarine stone.

The dessert has to be specially ordered, Perera said. Though the hotel has gotten calls about it from as far away as Japan, she said, no one has yet forked over the money to try it.

[Via Sun Sentinel]


Former US Missile Base Put On eBay For $1.5 Million

It is the ideal home for an aspiring James Bond villain, or an anxious survivalist seeking a refuge that can withstand an atomic bomb.

A former US intercontinental ballistic missile base - with a network of underground tunnels and silos, but no nuclear warheads - is on sale on eBay for $1.5m (£750,000, 1.06m euros).

Located in a remote corner of Washington state and still ringed by its original barbed-wire-topped fence, the 56-acre site is being marketed as a "gorgeous" property and potential resort.

Bari Hotchkiss bought the former base 10 years ago from owners who obtained the property in the 1970s, after the US government deemed obsolete the Titan missiles it was built to launch.

"We used to use it as a summer camp, for our kids and their friends," he told news agency AFP.

"The only limit is imagination. We've always wanted to see it turn into a summer camp or resort camp," he said.

20th Century castles

Mr Hotchkiss says there are 18 former Titan bases, most of which were sold off.

But his base, he says, is one of the best preserved.

"Most of those former bases are much much smaller, and most all of them have water problems with water leaking in them. So they're filled with water or so wet there is terrible rust, and ours is dry. Portions of our missile base look like it's built last year," he said.

Much of the Cold War era technology was stripped from the site by the military, and to make much of the underground network useable would require several million dollars.

"If you only need one or a couple of the buildings to begin with, several hundred thousand dollars might do it," Mr Hotchkiss told AFP.

A number of other former US missile bases are also on the market.

The website describes the buildings as "castles of the 20th century".

Designed to withstand nuclear attack, these unique properties "bring new meaning to the word 'shelter'," it says.

[Via BBC]

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Weird Facts You Never Hear About

Weird Facts For Americans ages 35 to 54:

  • 18,249 deaths from overdoses of illicit drugs in 2004, up 550 percent per capita since 1975...
  • 46,925 fatal accidents and suicides in 2004, leaving today’s middle-agers 30 percent more at risk for such deaths than people aged 15 to 19...
  • More than four million arrests in 2005, including one million for violent crimes, 500,000 for drugs and 650,000 for drinking-related offenses... [representing] a 200 percent leap per capita in major index felonies since 1975... [and this doesn't even include OJ!]
  • 630,000 middle-agers in prison in 2005, up 600 percent since 1977...
  • 21 million binge drinkers (those downing five or more drinks on one occasion in the previous month), double the number among teenagers and college students combined...
  • 370,000 people treated in hospital emergency rooms for abusing illegal drugs in 2005, with overdose rates for heroin, cocaine, pharmaceuticals and drugs mixed with alcohol far higher than among teenagers...
  • More than half of all new H.I.V./AIDS diagnoses in 2005 were given to middle-aged Americans, up from less than one-third a decade ago...

What experts label "adolescent risk taking" is really baby boomer risk taking. It's true that 30 years ago, the riskiest age group for violent death was 15 to 24. But those same boomers continue to suffer high rates of addiction and other ills throughout middle age, while later generations of teenagers are better behaved. Today, the age group most at risk for violent death is 40 to 49, including illegal-drug death rates five times higher than for teenagers.

Source - Mike Males

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