Saturday, February 16, 2008

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weird facts
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weird Facts: Radio Station Giving Away Free Divorce For Valentine's Day

weird facts
AP) CHARLESTON, W.Va. - A Charleston radio station is observing Valentine’s Day with a reminder that Cupid sometimes misses his mark. WKLC-FM, better known as Rock 105, is giving away a free divorce.

Valentine’s Day isn’t all hearts and flowers, says WKLC Program Director Jay Nunley. There is a darker side, he said, "where maybe you despise your spouse and resent the entire day."

Through 4 p.m. on Thursday, Valentine’s Day, applications for the free divorce will be accepted on the classic rock station’s Web site, The winning name will be drawn at 5 p.m.

Nunley cautions that this is a real divorce and people shouldn’t enter if they aren’t serious. Also, people expecting a long, drawn-out legal battle should hire a lawyer because the Rock 105 contest is for a relatively uncomplicated divorce.

Charleston attorney Rusty Webb will handle the actual filing.

"Sure we can give away concert tickets, and we do," said Nunley. "That’s going to make you happy for a little while. This is the chance to make someone happy for the rest of their life."

[Via - KOB.Com]

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weird Facts: Moose That Fell Off A Cliff Nearly Squashes Alaska Trooper's Patrol Car

weird facts
AP) Alaska State Troopers see plenty of hazards, but Trooper Howard Peterson was nearly felled by a new one: falling moose. Peterson was driving Feb. 2 on the Seward Highway south of Anchorage when something big and black fell out of the sky about 20 feet in front of his patrol car. "Falling rock!" he thought, ready to steer clear if it bounced onto the highway.

The thing didn't roll or shatter. It turned out to be a moose that fell from cliffs next to the highway.

Drivers often see Dall sheep on the cliffs but rarely moose. Peterson estimates the animal fell 150 feet or more.

It was windy that night, Peterson said, and a gust may have startled the moose into a fatal fall.

"They occasionally have bad days like the rest of us," said wildlife biologist Rick Sinnott. "They slip and fall. Maybe he was reaching for a branch and the snow just gave way."

Sinnott has heard or moose dying in strange ways _ breaking through ice and drowning, jumping off railroad bridges at the sound of a train, falling off small banks. Once he saw the remains of two bulls that died during a rutting battle when their antlers got hooked together by a single piece of barbed wire.

A fall off a cliff probably doesn't happen often, he said.

Peterson treated the dead animal the same way he handles moose killed by cars. After snapping photos, Peterson called one of the charities that salvage road kill.

[Via - CBSNews]

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weird Facts: Woman Declaired Dead By Mistake ... Twice

weird facts
SUMMIT, N.J. (AP)A 57-year-old New Jersey woman has been declared dead twice in the past year by the Social Security Administration, despite the fact that she is very much alive.

Susan Lindsley, who is developmentally disabled and works about 10 hours a week, relies on Social Security income to get by.

Two months after the Summit, N.J., resident's husband died, the SSA not only stopped her disability and her widow's benefit payments, but also dipped into her bank account in July to reclaim $7,000.

The agency wrote to Lindsley's brother, John Adam of Staten Island, offering condolences on the loss of his sister.

The mix-up was cleared up, but two weeks later she was declared dead again. Lindsley's brother had to call eight elected officials for help before she was resurrected once and for all.

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British men pick big TV over sex

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Weird Facts: British men pick big TV over sex

weird facts
Nearly half of British men surveyed would give up sex for six months in return for a 50-inch plasma TV, a survey - perhaps unsurprisingly carried out for a firm selling televisions - has found.

Electrical retailer Comet surveyed 2,000 Britons, asking them what they would give up for a large television, one of the latest consumer "must-haves".

The firm found 47 per cent of men would give up sex for half a year, compared to just over a third of women.

"It seems that size really does matter more for men than women," the firm said.

A quarter of people said they would give up smoking, with roughly the same proportion willing to give up chocolate.

[Via - Stuff.Co.Nz]

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