Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vegas Man Paints Car Like Police Cruiser... And It's Not Illegal! | Weird Facts

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LAS VEGAS, N.M. — Jessie Vigil's black-and-white car sports a red-and-blue emergency bar across the top and the word "police" painted on the doors. Vigil, however, isn't a cop. Law enforcement agencies say what he's done with his car isn't illegal as long as he doesn't act like a police officer.

He started decorating his 2007 Ford Mustang last summer to look like the police cruiser in the "Transformers" movie because his 7-year-old son, Thomas, was fond of the film.

"My intent was to re-create the movie car," said Vigil, a 35-year-old disabled veteran from the war in Iraq. "When I came back from Iraq, I tried to spoil him. I wasn't the best dad before."

He said he called the district attorney's office beforehand and spoke to Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Ulibarri, who tried to discourage his decorating scheme but couldn't find anything in the law that would stop Vigil as long as he didn't impersonate an officer.

Ulibarri said a state law prevents people from mimicking state police cars, which are painted black and white. But he also said the state police sell their old cars to private citizens without changing the colors.

"Are we violating our own law by not repainting them?" he asked.

He called the state law vague, and noted that normal state police cars aren't Mustangs.

"I don't think this guy has any intent to mimic a state police officer," Ulibarri said. "I'm not hearing that he is causing a problem and arresting people."

A close look shows Vigil's car isn't a police cruiser. Instead of the familiar slogan "To protect and serve," it carries a motto: "To punish and enslave" on the side. Instead of telling people to dial 911 for emergencies, the Mustang advises them to "dial 411 for theater information."

He originally marked his car, "Transformers police" but later changed it to just "police." He also added what appears to be a bar of emergency lights, but said they're not actual lights.

Vigil acknowledged people have mixed feelings about his car.

State police Capt. Craig Martin said the agency is "concerned for the safety of people who think he is an officer and think they may get help from him.

"People around town know who he is, but not those people on the interstate."

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Judges overturn libel verdict over bad review given Irish pizzeria

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Judges overturn libel verdict over bad review given Irish pizzeria | Weird Facts

weird facts
DUBLIN, Ireland - The decision was bound to leave a bad taste in somebody's mouth.

In this case it's the owner of Belfast pizzeria whose unprecedented libel verdict has been overturned by a Northern Ireland appeals court.

Owner Ciaran Convery successfully sued a Belfast newspaper over a review that deemed his Goodfellas restaurant smoky, sloppy and unappetizing.

But Northern Ireland Chief Justice Brian Kerr ruled that a Belfast jury erred in law last year when it awarded Convery $50,000 in damages.

Kerr said the jury failed to consider whether the reviewer demonstrated malice, and would have been likely to rule in the newspaper's favour if the original trial judge had instructed them correctly.

Noel Doran, editors of the Irish News newspaper, said the original verdict threatened the ability of newspapers throughout the United Kingdom to publish reviews. Convery vows to launch another lawsuit.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Oops! Bank Mistakenly Starts Foreclosure Process On Wrong House | Weird Facts

weird facts
KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- A Kissimmee homeowner was in England when he learned a Florida bank had mistakenly started foreclosure proceedings on his house.

As it turns out, Denroy Bell didn't even have a mortgage with the bank, Citi-Residential. The bank admitted that it's dealing with so many foreclosures in Central Florida that it made a mistake.

Bell's neighbor called him when she saw the locks being changed and the pool empty.

"It was like the army came up and took over the house," Esther Goshop, a neighbor, said.

Bell lives primarily in London and rents out his home when he's not in Florida. He said the bank apologized for the inconvenience.

Bell wants the company to pay to clean up the pool and change the locks back.

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