Saturday, October 6, 2007

Weird Facts: Look out iPhone, it’s the Google Phone!

What’s better than a $399.00 iPhone?
How about a FREE Google Phone?
Ain't that weird facts ?

Imagine having a phone that didn’t cost you a dime and allowed you to not only talk, but search, email and browse the web… Sound too good to be true? Google has developed a prototype cell phone that will offer consumers free usage in exchange for viewing advertisements with its search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications.

How can Google offer up free phones?
Advertising of course!

It’s a mobile search device that will allow people to “google” anything from anywhere, so for such a drastic increase in traffic, why wouldn’t Google give the device away for free. It is Google’s tried and true business model after all.

  • But how will it compete against the iPhone?

This is a tough one. In order to compete with Apple, it has to have a stylish design, flawless and intuitive user interface, touch screen, camera, mp3 player… all the bells and whistles that you get for $399 and a $60/month service contract.

Then again, maybe if it is free, there won’t be any competition. I know that I would click a few links to be able to access the web for free from anywhere at any time. Wouldn’t you?

Share your opinion and have a chance to be the first who gets this thing !

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