Monday, November 12, 2007

Top 10 Facts About Top 10 Weird Facts

1. Most of the times at least one weird fact is made up to make sure there are really ten weird facts.

2. Regardless of how stupid these Top 10 are, those posts quickly rise to the top of Reddit, Digg, Mixx, StumpleUpon, Delicious and other social bookmarking sites. Just because it’s Top 10.

3. Most of the Top 10 articles are written when there is nothing else to write about or when a person has no clue about the subject he or she is writing about.

4. Only items 1 through 3 really matter. The other 7 can go in any order and nothing will change.

5. The more Top 10 is used, the more shallow and pseudointellectual that particular niche is. Don’t believe me? Try finding a Top 10 list in a nuclear physics textbook and then compare it with Cool Magazine or MTV.

6. You don’t actually have to know most of the weird facts that are listed in any article that is titled ‘Top 10 weird facts you need to know about …’

7. Google indexes over 35 400 different Top 10 weird Facts, scientific term for which is “a whole shitload”.

8. The most popular post on this very blog is 10 Million Dollar Ideas That Shouldn't Have Worked.

9. Nobody ever remembers what number 9 in the Top 10 was.

10. There has never been a Top 10 article called “Top 10 Ways To Rape A Donkey”.

[Via - NicheGeek.Com]

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