Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weird Facts: Colombia Opens Museum Of Laziness

weird facts
A museum dedicated to laziness has opened in Colombia's capital, Bogota.

The event features sofas placed in front of televisions, hammocks and beds - anything associated with the avoidance of work.

The idea is to get people during the holiday season to think about laziness and its opposite, extreme work, and perhaps reach some balanced conclusion.

Visitors will have to shed their laziness long enough to get to the museum soon - it closes in a week.

'Social issues'

The BBC's Jeremy McDermott in Colombia says Bogota's newest museum, sponsored by the city government, is much-visited and could be ideal for those overwhelmed by the traffic, the fumes, the fast pace of life or the pressures of work.

Marcela Arrieta, the museum curator, told Associated Press news agency: "We always think about laziness as an enemy of work.

"So we wanted to explore that and make people think about the social issues implied in taking a nap, in being jobless or in feeling that maybe we are wasting time - so we want to ask ourselves about that."

[Via - BBC]

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