Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weird Facts: Woman Declaired Dead By Mistake ... Twice

weird facts
SUMMIT, N.J. (AP)A 57-year-old New Jersey woman has been declared dead twice in the past year by the Social Security Administration, despite the fact that she is very much alive.

Susan Lindsley, who is developmentally disabled and works about 10 hours a week, relies on Social Security income to get by.

Two months after the Summit, N.J., resident's husband died, the SSA not only stopped her disability and her widow's benefit payments, but also dipped into her bank account in July to reclaim $7,000.

The agency wrote to Lindsley's brother, John Adam of Staten Island, offering condolences on the loss of his sister.

The mix-up was cleared up, but two weeks later she was declared dead again. Lindsley's brother had to call eight elected officials for help before she was resurrected once and for all.

[Via - wcbstv.com]

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