Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finding People Made Easy With a Spoke Search

The internet search engines are constantly evolving. The problem with older search engines like Google, is they are based on methodical and robotic algorithms. The future of search engines will include some social or “voting” aspect to it.

I found a search engine called Spock, coined a ”People search engine” that bases search engine results on Tags. Registered Users of spock can vote down a tag if they feel it is notrelated to something. This helps give a better search experience because people are voting on what is related to what based on keyword tags.
When you search for an item or person, you get pictures of your search, related tags and their pictures, and then finally results from Google. It gives you a nice comprehensive addition, over just searching on google.

The result are simultaneously impressive — a complete portrait of your total web presence — and thoroughly creepy. When Spock was first announced earlier this year a number of people snickered that stalk would be a better name.

But the truth is, that’s killing messenger. All the data Spock crawls is already out there, but you may be in for a shock the first time you see it all in one place.

Pulling data from social networks — MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and others — Spock then condenses and extracts what it considers the most important information about you — namely your occupation and age, though depending on what you’ve listed on your various accounts, it may have even more details.

From the search results profiles you can then click through to vote for whether or not the information is correct, visit the relevant profile page or add tags to people. Just about anyone can edit information on just about any entry.

If you sign up for Spock.com - A Great Place for Search
, you can claim and manage your own entry or create one if Spock doesn’t yet know about you.

Aside from the slow servers, Spock looks as though it might be genuinely useful — if nothing else it might serve as a wake call for those who don’t realize how little privacy they have left themselves.

I tried to find some info about Putin, that's a Russian president, and here are the results. Aren't those amazing ? I mean in just a few minutes I knew everything I ever wanted to know about the exact person.