Monday, May 12, 2008

Online Dating Tips | Women Only

When it’s time to find that special someone, an increasing number of women turn to online dating each year. Maybe you just broke up with your boyfriend; maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been “on the market.” You’ve tried bars and parties, and your friends just haven’t succeeded in referring you to the man of your dreams. Why not go online?

How to avoid an online dating con man ?
1. Consider if it moves too fast, too soon, it's a con. Emotions run high and our inhibitions are lower when meeting people online, so it's not unusual for daters to begin to feel strong emotions very soon into the relationship, sometimes even before you meet. If there is talk of marriage or combining homes, you may be dealing with someone who is getting ready to steal not just your heart, but your bank account as well.

2. Know that if you can't get a straight answer to questions about their past, you may be dealing with an online dating con man. Vague personal history usually means that the person is hiding something from you. Do a background check by going online and inserting your date's name and birth date into a criminal background checking website or a state's court website. Really suspicious? Spend a little money and pay for an online background check. Remember, this only works if your date has given you his correct name and birth date.

3. Be aware that if she brags about her finances but needs to borrow money, you are dealing with a con man. Excuses about unexpected expenses or losses won't explain a vast difference in income and you should never loan money to a virtual stranger, no matter how strong your feelings for them. This is a big red flag.

4. Consider that if the age they say they are doesn't seem right to you, check it out further. Try to get a look at his driver's license and do an online search for his name and birth date to see if it's a match. A little white lie about age doesn't mean much, but a lie about a birth date may mean he has a criminal past or outstanding warrants.

5. Look at multiple social security numbers. He may explain it away as due to being a victim of identity theft, but ask a few more questions. If he is a victim, he will have documentation to prove that, otherwise, he is a criminal.

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Research and rate before you date to promote safer dating worldwide!