Friday, August 15, 2008

The Brit women cop who worked as 100 pounds-an-hour hooker! | Weird Facts

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London, Aug 14 ANI: A Brit female cop has been suspended after her colleagues found that she was working as a hooker.

The 28-year-old serving officer was arrested, along with eight women and six men, by the officers investigating prostitution and police corruption across Greater Manchester, Northumberland, Cleveland, Co Durham and the Scottish Borders.

She offered services as a 100 pounds-an-hour escort on a website.The women cop, who worked for Northumbria force, is one of the so-called Notorious Girls on a website run by Neil Lock and wife Natalie. "It is amazing that a serving officer got mixed up in this. She must have known she was gambling with her career,"

The Sun quoted a source, as saying. "If she is found guilty in a court or of an internal disciplinary offence then she is finished. She could never work as an officer again," the source added.

However, Lock and his wife, both 27, who live in a villa in Galashiels, Selkirkshire, with their two young children, insist that they are not acting illegally. They claim payments to the escorts are for "companionship" only and anything else is "a matter of choice between two or more consulting adults".

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