Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to Earn More Interest With an Online Savings Account

Is your local bank offering poor interest rate percentages on savings accounts? Do you need the security of FDIC insured savings? Read on to learn how to research and obtain a new Savings Accounts using the Internet.

Tune in to the financial talk show hosts using the websites below on your computer, or your local radio stations. They often will give you the best reliability picture of online savings accounts and their interest rates. You can find a lot of useful info on WaMu website.

Use a search engine such as Google to find online banks quickly. Click the links below to research the more well-known institutions.

When you arrive at the banking websites, they generally have a link that states current APR or interest rate they offer. This will vary over time and could potentially change overnight. Have in mind your goals for the money you will invest.

Shop around on at least two of the websites for the highest interest rates as well as benefits or perks they offer. Choose one that has been around for a few years and has a sound reputation. You could ask your business associates if they have heard of the bank as well. Check out the minimum age, often times they do not have children's bank accounts.

Do not forget to check the weekly newspaper business section for the latest interest rates and special offers just to compare with what you have found online.

When you do decide, you should be able to complete most of the sign up process by phone, Internet or by postal mail.


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