Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weird facts: Wind scatters hundreds of bills as man leaves bank, but good Samaritans rush in to help

weird facts
TORRANCE, Calif. (AP)A dozen bystanders rushed in to help a 70-year-old man after he stumbled leaving a Southern California bank, causing thousands of dollars to scatter in the wind.

Ludwig Geier says hundreds of bills were "gone in no time," flying through the air and littering the First National Bank's parking lot in Torrance on Monday.

Almost immediately, about a dozen bystanders rushed in to help. The machine shop owner says about 96 percent of the money was found.

Geier says he's going to pray for those good Samaritans, adding, "If I could get them together, I'd buy them dinner and drinks."

[Via - Newsday.Com]

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